Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tentative steps

Big day for me tomorrow, I'm going into the office for the first time in 4 months!!   Just for the morning, as a kind of try out.

I wonder if they've dusted my desk...? They did tell me they'd washed the mug ;-)

I reckon the hardest thing for me will be the constant noise of computers and people chatting. I'm used to working in my quiet sitting room with the iPod on low....  ah well I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. I hope things go well when you go back!

  2. I know you will have a great first day back. Enjoy.

  3. From reading your blog recently I get the impression you'll enjoy being back at work. I hope it goes well. :)

  4. I always find it a relief to get back to work after a long break. Although the longest I've ever been away is two weeks. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Good luck. The busy-ness will tire you quickly, but will also keep your mind occupied so it doesn't slip so easily into darker places. I'll be thinking of you. Carina /Bowgirl

  6. The cup is clean--life is GOOD!

    You'll do great.
    Oh....take a toy, just in case!

    k....that's just an excuse to take a toy. *laughing*

  7. Hope you have a great first day back!

  8. Ah you'll slip right in like you never left...and life at the office will be good again. And just as good to go home too, after a long, hard day!


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