Monday, 18 October 2010

Shorts: Chapter 2

My next chapter is on evolutionary psychology - I just know I'm going to enjoy it!    I wonder if it covers the Darwin Awards?

Section 1.5 : Hunter-gatherers. I'd better read that before Mr H. gets home on Friday...


  1. This reminds me of an e-mail forward I recently got in which a doctor supposedly states that women like to shop because they are gatherers and men don't because they are hunters. Has he never seen a guy in an electronics store? Men are just as happy to shop as women, in their area of interest.

  2. Too right, or in Mr H's case a guitar shop ;-)

    Anyway, surely hunting is just a different method of shopping?

  3. In reply to your comment, when I cut out the images/words I just cut what interests me.. then I go back and its like a puzzle for me to figure out.. The inspiration is from a friend who does art joirnals... my friend Virginia from

  4. That's interesting, so you see what grabs you that day, and then work out why...? I like that idea.

    I saw you mention your friend Virginia before, I will check out her blog.


  5. Now that's depressing. My wife turned me into a vegetarian. Now I only hunt artichokes. It's a changing world.


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