Thursday, 14 October 2010

Expect the unexpected

Since I started blogging more, and participating in Thematic Photographic each week, I have started carrying my camera everywhere I go - not that I go far at the moment, but I mean it is always in pocket, or my bag which I use to carry things from room to room. 

Until now the bathroom has been the exception... around lunchtime today I was, um, availing myself of the facilities when I saw the sunlight playing reflection games on the wall. I had to rush out and get my camera in order to get a shot of it before the sun moved.

I've never seen this pattern on the wall before, although that bathroom hasn't changed for 17 years; it must just be down to timing.

I've upped the contrast a bit on this, but that's all:


  1. Now that is very arty. I think all bloggers carry their cameras with them everywhere after a while! Always looking for a photo opportunity for a blog post! ;)

  2. Pretty amazing snap....and the first sighting in 17 years....makes you wonder has it been there before?...and if not what changed to bring it matter what it's cool!

  3. That's so awesome! I wish the sun would do that in my bathroom!

  4. Great image. Flush against the wall.

  5. Nice lighting effect. I must say I carry my camera around as I have started collecting texture photos for my paintings can't walk down the street now with out thinking that would be a good texture.

  6. *humming Twilight Zone themesong*

    Ok then..... I mean, think about this.

    k...maybe you were just oblivious to it before.
    I've found myself noticing more of the 'details' in life whenever I have my camera in tow--which is just about always now.

    k.....'CEPT for the bathroom. *laughing*

  7. Mel, but also think - usually I am at work at that time of day for 5 days of the week... see, something good comes of everything ;-)

    You'll be taking your camera in there now though, won't you :-P



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