Monday, 25 October 2010

August 1986

There he stood by the road.
I was young, I didn't pick up strange hitch-hikers,
But my sister did.
She was old at 25 and in the army so she could look after herself.

We met outside the festival entrance;
"It's you!" I thought, feeling a bit selfish,
Since I had driven past him.

He was alone.
It seemed natural for him to camp next to us
And hang out; and it was all good.

On the last day we couldn't leave him there;
So I took him home.
He gave me a pot of honey to say thank you.

I can't remember now whether he gave me his address, or I gave him mine.


  1. Is this how you met your Hubby by any chance.

  2. ...and the rest of the story about this man? Please, please???? You just can't leave us hanging!

  3. And this was that time you met Winnie the Pooh?

  4. Sally: Almost.. although he is definitely not a Bear of Very Little Brain ;-)

  5. I'm visiting from The Girl Next Door contest. I hope this describes a reality and not a dream! Too sweet!

  6. Hi Renee, thanks for visiting!

    Yes this was reality :-)

  7. Hi visiting from Girl Next Door Grows up...
    Is this how you met your husband? I'm really intrigued by this story...who was that man? LOL. For real!

  8. Hi Kimberly! the story is continued, check out the posts with the 'Me and Him' label...

  9. What a cliffhanger! So beautifully written. My mouth dropped open when it ended. I wanted more:-)


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