Monday, 18 October 2010

A little speech

I'm slightly stunned that I have gone from having about 12 followers to 32 in the last couple of months; and it's nice to come across the same people in comments around the place, it feels like a whole new bunch of friends :-)  A big welcome to those of you who have just found me, or have loitered around for a bit and decided to follow me - honestly I didn't force anybody!!

Having read on another blog that "obviously I'm depressed, I write a blog don't I?"  I thought that was in itself a depressing thing to think; as if no-one 'normal' would need to write one.   I know there are some incredibly talented writers, illustrators, photographers in the blog world; there are also depressed people, terminally ill people; funny people, people with low self-esteem; ranting people; mums and dads (lots of them!), religious people; thought-provoking people; and many a mixture of the above. 

At this point it is customary to think "Oh no, have I said the wrong thing? will somebody be upset?" but actually in the blog world I don't think that. Everybody in this world seems to be here because they accept themselves and others, whatever the weather.

Anyway, it made me think, WHY do I write a blog?  I started it in Sept 2009, long before I was stuck at home with a broken leg and time on my hands.  At the time it felt like a new start to my life; a period of dreams and reality in fact, hence the name. Mr H. had just finished his degree, I was just starting mine; our life seemed to be at a point of change.  Reading the blog of my friend Rosie at One Year Down the Line inspired me to start putting my thoughts into words and letting people read them, and to start with it was probably only she who did!

Now I have discovered this lovely community, who's words I love to read, laugh at, agree with (mostly), and who make me think about my own.  

Thank you :-)


  1. I started my blog as an outlet and promotion of my art.

    I have found though that it is a nice social outlet after having a conversation with a toddler all day about trains its nice to know that more is happening out there than just Chugginton (Its about trains)

  2. I started on Blogger earlier this year.. I'm on another site and got tired of the pettiness and drama.. Also, I had dumped my 5 yr. bf and wanted a clean break... In fact He wasn't an ex till I decided to open a new blog under a new name because his name was in the title. I've met a lot of good folks here.. Present company included... I have also learned that sites that have the Follow me on Mon, or Friday.. is basically for advertising your own site if u are in the market of selling stuff...which I am not...I've slowly pulled away from involving myself... I do love TP/Carmi's site, cuz he challenges my brain... No drama or attention whores that I've come across like other sites....I've grown creatively as well and" that's a good thing" as Martha Steward would say

  3. CJ: at least you get to spend your day chatting to a human - I really don't get much sensible response out of Django ;-)

    KBF: I agree on the 'follow me on Friday thing', I think I carefully extracted myself from the 40 and over site after all of a day! In fact anyone who says 'Follow Me' to me is likely to get the opposite reaction ;-)

    Carmi's photos are great for stretching the mind; and Illustration Friday (which isn't actually a blog, really) is brilliant because it gives me inspiration to do some art, I'd never bother otherwise. But one never feels 'obliged' to take part if you're not in the mood.

  4. I started blogging in 2007 and had a very small blog for a long time. It was virtually private really. After a couple of years of having the same 5 readers I realised that was actually putting them under pressure to comment and I felt that maybe it would turn into a chore for them. I slowly spread my wings and followed some new blogs I enjoyed and things grew from that. But it's never been about followers to me, it's really been about finding my voice, and if people like that voice I hope they come back and visit again. I refuse to be put in a box which I think some people find hard to handle. One post will be about gangsta rap the next about my adopted daughters. It's all part of who I am.

    I used to be part of a large message board before I had my blog, and as KBF said, I got tired of all the drama too. I wanted my own home on the internet, a place where I could just be me...... hence Joey's Pad.

  5. loving that last comment: this is what blogging is about, isn't it?

  6. Joey: "A place where I could just be me" - that is exactly it, as I see it. Where you don't have to impress anyone or be anyone other than yourself.

    I find it very liberating.

    I suppose the thing about followers is that it's nice to know that what you are saying either strikes a chord with people who feel the same way, or just that I'm not writing out into the ether with no-one seeing it... if I wanted to do that I'd write a private diary (and I've done that, it really wasn't healthy keeping all those feelings locked up)

    We're all here for different reasons and it's interesting to find out more, thanks all you people for sharing 'why I am here' - it sounds like 'Bloggers Anonymous' ;-)


  7. I started my blog in August because I always felt like I needed to be heard, and on the internet, people everywhere can read me and talk with me and if they don't want to, they don't have to.

    Blogging has helped me go over my life and decided what is good bad and such. All in all I am very glad that I have started my blog.

    Now I'm obsessed with it, Annah from Red Means Go has gotten me the fever of famosity...Dammit...

  8. Juniper: Do me a big favor. If I start sounding normal, please let me know immediately. In the interim, I am loving all you crazy people!

  9. I started my blog because I used to blog but quit, but now that insomnia and working nights is driving me insane, I think I have some decent material to work with. :) I began reading yours not too long ago, and it's one of my favorites so far

  10. Well--actually 90% of what I put up is for me. *laughing* If folks follow along--I'm amazed. Or maybe I oughta be scared. LOLOL

    In which case--'yeah--what JJ said!' works just great!! ;-)

  11. Well, I've NEVER been accused of being normal ;) IRL I have to be careful what parts of my psyche I expose to the world ... when you think differently than the pack there are consequences. I find that even more true in the South (US).

    Blogging reminds me that there are others out there that A)share some of the same thought processes or B) are at least more accepting of those of us who think differently.

    I write for an outlet. I've been tickled that there are peeps out there that want to read it ... I especially love the feedback.

    Your blog has a very genuine feel and I like people who are real.

  12. I love that blogland can be anything you want it to be. And I'm delighted to see you getting so much pleasure out of it. x

  13. I too have found a comfortable fit in this new blog world, although I am still learning, and that includes just about everything in life...the day I don't want to learn something new will be the day I'm not among the living anymore. I have started blogging before, but never tested the waters with reaching out to other bloggers, until now. There are so many interesting, funny and compassionate, and often bored bloggers out there... I love that I can view other random thoughts of fellow bloggers and give a thought here and there, and just share what life has to offer....and yes, Carmi is a gift for my weary soul and his TP gives me such a creative boost! Not to mention his great photos that make you ponder..... I say thank you,and your Dreams and Reality Blog and everyone else for being here! ;)


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