Friday, 15 October 2010

IF: Spooky

Hmm, the theme for Illustration Friday this week is Spooky... so I figured everyone will be doing illustrations of Hallowe'en and haunted houses, or maybe spooky pumpkins.

I thought I'd have a play around and just see what happened (and also used it as an ArtRage learning process!).

When you're strolling on the beach in the late afternoon, you'd expect one shadow... but three?   That seems pretty spooky to me....


  1. Very creative and un-halloweenish, so bravo, and exceptional use of texture...and the colors harmonize well... brings bodies rising from the lake image too mind and spooky in an eerie sort of way! What did you use to create such a cool image?

  2. Hi Karen, glad you like it! I did it in ArtRage But I'm just a beginner playing around. Chibi Janine is the expert...


  3. I'm no expert, I've just had longer to play around with the programme. Haven't even begun to explore the stickers yet.

    A nice spooky take on the word this week gosh you got in there fast. I've just started on my piece just now. should be up in a day or two.

  4. CJ: that's because I lack patience ;-)

    Stickers are fun!!



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