Saturday, 9 October 2010

From Ice Creams to Green Kings

Dorothy Koomson "The Ice Cream Girls".   I have just finished it and wow, what a gripping, thought-povoking read, I highly recommend it. 

Now, for something completely different, my next read is written by one of our fellow bloggers, Sparx at Notes from Inside My Head and is called The Green King.  If you don't follow her already, go and take a look.

Her debut novel is a children's story and I have bought a copy for one of my nieces, but I am going to have to sample it before they get their hands on it!


  1. Not yet released, but from what I saw of the synopsis, seems good... they did say it was age appropriate for 9-12.

  2. will check it out . As for Thanksgiving , Canada celebrates in October (

  3. Oh and thank you for the good wishes ♥

  4. KBF, I have it in my hand, I ordered through the link on Sparx's site, expecting to wait.. and it arrived 2 days later!

  5. Twain12 - these things are just done to confuse me ;-)


  6. Hi Juniper! Eeek!! Thanks so much for the promo on your blog and for buying the book and for... goodness gracious, I think I'm blushing. I'll be returning the bloggy favour shortly... thank you!


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