Tuesday, 26 October 2010

April 1987

Letters had been written
Back and forth; back and forth.
Visits had been made
And parents met.

We lived 100 miles apart
Which meant we wrote and wrote
And got to know each other
Inside out.

My parents loved him from the start
From the first time he turned up on the doorstep
Half an hour before I was due home.

I invited him to 'our place in the Lakes',
For a week's holiday with my parents.

We went for a stroll one evening.
Down to the weir on the river;
I expect we held hands.

That was the first time he told me
He loved me.


  1. Aaaaah, lovely. Made me go all tingly. xx

  2. Aw, Sweet. I can feel air of anticipation, heady excitement and innocence all wrapped up together.

  3. This is making me all tingly inside, oh wait that was a sneeze. But that was so cute!!!



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