Sunday, 24 October 2010

Realisation of Reality

This weekend has been lovely, but has proved stark realisation of how my energy levels are still knocked for six after almost 4 months.   Mr H got home around lunchtime on Friday and we had what I would term a 'normal' weekend of doing things, out and about ie. we went shopping, drove around a bit to get stuff we needed, went over to my parents; on Saturday I had a 2 hour OU tutorial. In the evenings we just chilled.

I am exhausted!

I had been planning to take the train up to Ayr in 4 weeks time, to give Mr H a break from driving down here; plus I've always wanted to do the train journey, which takes about 8 hours (the same as driving).  I've been a bit anxious about doing it, which involves 2 changes in big city stations, manoevering on and off the trains etc., and hadn't definitely decided about it. After this weekend we agreed that it probably wouldn't be a good idea as unless things change a lot in the next month, I would be so knackered after the trip that I'd spend half my long weekend up there completely wiped out.  I'll leave it til after the new year when I'm more back to 'normal' and can appreciate the trip more; so Mr H will be back down here in 4 weeks time.

Yes I could fly up, but I dislike flying and don't like the hassle of airports and planes at the best of times; and it would cost a whisker short of £200 for the pleasure.

Mr H and Django have just left for their trip North, it feels very quiet here now... it will be odd not having Django waking me up in the morning or wanting to go out or be fed. I'm looking forward to the peace, but will miss his company. Oh well he will have a lovely time in Scotland with lots of exercise and new scents to investigate.

Thus starts the next month of the journey....


  1. I hate that feeling. Like you're not in control of your body and it can be weak if it wants to. Still, I'm glad you guys had a good weekend!

  2. Django will have a blast on his vacation for sure....!

  3. You are one of the strongest women I know Juni. I couldn't imagine do what you've been doing with Mr. H, I probably would break down from the loneliness.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that you will always have us bloggers to keep you company. If I could suddenly make a vortex I'd be there in a heartbeat to keep you company.


  4. FreeFlying: yes it's so frustrating when your body feels like it's in control of your mind, instead of the other way around!

  5. Puppy will have a grand time--and you'll discover more great things.

    Welcome to the adventure!

    (oh..and you're healing--give yourself a break, eh?)
    JUST sayin'.....


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