Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ok, deep breaths

This morning, I know most of you won't believe this, but I'm going to the beauty salon to get my eyebrows shaped for the very first time. Yes I have survived 44 1/4 years without ever touching my eyebrows.  I'm told it's going to hurt, but hey I have 4 tattoos...  I'll let you know how it goooowwwwwwss ;-)

Then later, I am going down to the sailing club for an office meeting. Our office is on the first floor next door to the sailing club, but they have a lift, so we borrow them occasionally when I need to come to a meeting; if it's just, say, 3 of us then we time it so the bar's open!  but sadly not today.  Today we are going to talk about 2011 and application forms and just generally catch up; I will attempt not to get aggravated at the petty requests, and will also attempt to do some delegation so that somebody else gets to comply with said petty requests!

For all Django's fans, here is a picture of him in the snow a couple of years ago; I think he should use this shot for his dating page:

And that reminds me, I will post again later as I have a nice photo for Carmi the Getting Colder theme.

Ok, off to face that pain...


  1. the first time i got my eyebrows waxed it hurt... and that was 10 years ago.. now its nothing... the unexpected is what is scary.. yep, tatts are probably worse- tho I have never had one... this will be a piece of cake for ya.

  2. Love the dating page pix! So will the girl doggies! Wax...not ready for that yet, still use the tweezers, but waxing would be just another thing to pay for at the Salon, who already gets too much of my money....yesterday in fact. Highlights you to get rid of the drab...!

  3. Karen - I had wax AND tweezering! it didn't hurt too much though. Looks nicer now but I don't suppose I'll do it regularly though it was only £6.50. This one was paid for with part of a birthday voucher ;-)

    Talking of highlights, I'm just about due for another dose of Red Passion!


  4. I wonder if you'll start doing it yourself? I am crazy addicted to tweezing. Like, I find it very unfortunate that I don't have more hair to tweeze.


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