Sunday, 24 October 2010

IF: Racing

"The crowd groaned as Brian, favourite at 2-1, came in 3rd behind Gladys and Sandra in the mixed racing, while Terry trailed a poor 4th."


  1. maybe if they put a hosta infront of him that would speed him up.

    sweet drawing, I like snails. I keep water snails we had five in october now we have hundreds. When they go through half a cucumber in a day I'll know I have too many. At the moment they are on a inch slice of cucumber that last 3 day phew.

  2. CJ: where do they live? in a tank? The thought of watching them munching through cucumber slices - I'd love to see that under a microscope!


  3. Yup it used to be my fish tank when the last fish passed away we relised it was just the sound of the filter we liked so we got some real plant in the hope of getting snails as they sometimes have eggs on them. As I said we started with 5 LOL but snails breed really fast. Its intresting watching them feed on the tank side you can see there little rasp mouths in action.

    Kind of creepy when about 100 snails converge on a cucumber slice.

  4. *laughing*

    Oh, I think they're cuter than cute!


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