Thursday, 28 October 2010

Healing time

Hey, look at that - I completely missed the "4 months since the crash" day yesterday!   

That must mean that my mind is healing...

Photo by Mr H.


  1. and look what you've achieved in those four months............ well go on then, none of this 'oh it's just what anyone would do', it's not, be proud of yourself xx

  2. great must be a difficult journey, i wish you all the best ♥

  3. Oh, goodness. I was coming to tell you not to worry about the drama because I was reading it on my phone and it's too hard to comment. But it looks like it's all disappeared. So, yay you! For keeping this space clean of all that. Because it's yours and it should make you happy and not be bogged down with that crap. And congratulations on the four month mark!

  4. Whoa. That Mr. H sure can take a dramatic photo or two.

    You're healing nicely, ma' by day by day.

  5. Nice photo, love the hair, and sometimes, it's good to forget things..... ;)

  6. Congratulations! I'm happy that you're healing!

  7. Rosie: thank you, I will :-)

    Twain12: thank you!

    FreeFlying: my thoughts exactly.

    Mel: he did a photography course a few years ago - we had some fun and got some good shots out of it. who knows more may appear later ;-)

    KBF & the Ditz: thank you :-)

    Karen: this was my 'scary mary' look!


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