Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spot's Spot

Hi folks, it's Django here.     I know you're going to miss me while I'm not living with Mum, having some bonding time with Dad you know, so thought I'd produce the odd update.

Well, they could have warned me!   I should have been suspicious by the way Mum was feeding me up and letting me get fat.... it's bloody freezing up here in Airshire Scootland.  They have some sadistic streak which means I only seem to come here in the winter, what's that all about?

So, Monday morning while I was still tired from our long drive up on Sunday, Dad takes me out to the forest and expects me to go to work with him.  Well I can tell you, I made a point of letting him know I was NOT happy and please could I stay in the van??  

Apparently I can't wear my nice fleece lined coat because I'm likely to get caught up on bits of tree and strangle myself or something; besides if I run around in it I get an awful sweat on, not to mention the chafing (oooh).

I have no idea how long I am staying here but I did hear talk about 'Christmas', so I'm going to have to have a little chat with Dad and get things straight about what's expected.


  1. i'm sure you'll be fine, just make sure dad gives you some good treats

  2. How was the trip up?? Did it worry you being in the crate after what happened last time?

  3. Somehow that faraway photo w/the post makes me feel more sorry for Django!... lol, I bet he's having a ball!.

  4. Oh my, I feel like SUCH an idiot! Um, *shuffles feet* I'm an airhead. here ... check the edit at the bottom

  5. I thought dogs couldn't sweat...

    Aww poor DJ I hope he'll get accustomed to the weather and being away from mom!


  6. Rosie: I was fine. Maybe my PTSD hasn't set in yet...

    Ditz: sure we do - we sweat through our paws and our slobbery tongues!


  7. Woof Woof Squeek squeek whimper arf arf bark ...... Whine whimper bark bark uff.

  8. Loosly translated from Barney dogs message

    Yup humans are silly do you know mine are still doing this diet thing even though its blinking cold ...... I'm so hungry, hum wonder what the post will taste like tomorrow

  9. Oh no! Not all the way to Christmas! Mum will be oh so lonely, and we can't have a sad lost lonley doggie and his Mum too!

  10. Christmas?! HOLY cow!!!

    The trauma of that long of separation calls for mass amounts of doggie biscuits for healing.


    (good luck with that--add a pitiful look and it just might work!)


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