Sunday, 17 October 2010

A productive day

Today I wrote my essay on Identity, over which I have been procrastinating this week. I always study better at weekends when I can sit down for a concentrated few hours, without having to fit it in after a day's work. Yesterday I wrote most of the essay plan, today I finished that and whacked out the essay, at least that's how it felt.   It is only a 1000 word limit, and the skill in a short essay is saying as much as possible in a compact way, so I worked out  from the start how many words I had for each section as that stops unnecessary waffling. Not that it is an issue for me - I am rubbish at waffling. No, really I am.

So I printed off a first draft, read it through, changed a couple of things and thought 'er, that's fine'.  This seems to be how I worked in the first year - thought about it and struggled over the essay plan and then wrote/edited/finalised it in a day.  And if I get the marks I got in the first year I will be more than happy! I won't submit it yet though as I have a tutorial next Saturday at which point I will go into panic mode that I've got it completely wrong. And then I'll submit it.

Now, on to those pesky ethical research short questions...


  1. Argh essays hated them when I did my child care course, though the biggest issue with that course was I didn't go with the ideas of how child care should be done but to get the marks I had to lie. The UK at the moment seems to want children to be little adults rather than children.

    I'll stop there or I'll end up on the long UK education is crap rant.

  2. Juniper: Would you believe there are actually some lunatics out there that think your weekend of essay writing was fun?

  3. I'd probably be one of those lunatics! Glad you got most of the work to send it off! Best of luck!~ Karen

  4. I do rather enjoy it, once I know what I'm going to say! it's the preparation that I put off.

    Like anything in life, if I'm comfortable with the subject matter and I know what I'm talking about, then I can speak/write happily about it; if I'm not so sure then that's a different matter!

  5. CJ: blog post material perhaps ;-)

  6. Thanks for posting the 6WS blog, I think I will enjoy it too....something short and quick, and I might make use of some old snaps that you take for no important the time!

  7. I started a fun "add a sentence" to build a story game on our work FaceBook, three of us kept it going, but it faded quickly...some people, most people I know would just loose interest or whatever.

  8. Hi Karen, yes I thought the 6WS was good, and an exercise in conciseness ;-)

    Definitely a good excuse to pull our a random photo.


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