Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The midnight blues

I was going to have an early night tonight, because I was tired today and got a bit stressed out over the unending, self-procreating work e-mails, and started thinking 'when the hell am I going to do my OU reading?' because my brain said "Enough!" at 5pm.  

Mr H. called me from Cheshire, he is down/up there on some work trip and was feeling down; so we had a rant about things to each other, and then his mum phoned me to find out how yesterday went, which was nice but by this time I was feeling rather emotional.  

So much for an early night, I ended up reading my book for an hour as usual; and when I tried to go to sleep at 11.00 I started thinking about everything, and Mr H. being away, and I got hit by the horrible blues I have for the first 2 or 3 days after he's gone, and suddenly the dark seemed so lonely.... 

So I switched the light on, got the computer out, read my blog comments and then looked up trains from Ayr to Brockenhurst, because we had discussed the alternatives to him driving home.  There is a return trip that is only £55.00 rather than £140.... BUT you have to spend from midnight until 5.50am in Glasgow station.... hmmm!!    Not somewhere I'd like to think of my husband hanging out for 6 hours in the wee small hours, to put it mildly.   Especially as he only lives an hour from Glasgow... so how about just catching the 5.50am from Glasgow then - what a surprise, the price goes back up to £140!  I don't think the risk of being mugged is worth £85, personally.

Now here I am at 01.05am, wanting a cup of tea and knowing I am going to feel so shit in the morning.... not to mention blotchy.  

I will try thinking positive thoughts about how I am going to walk to the post box tomorrow for the first time.... but first that cup of tea.


  1. "I will try thinking positive thoughts about how I am going to walk to the post box tomorrow for the first time...."

    Good idea, Juniper. You can spend a miserable night and then walk, but I think plan B is better.

  2. see the dark can double the blues and that bring out that sad feeling of being lonely when loved ones are away. But I love your humor and posting Thomas the Tank to brighten the mood.....hope your book cheers you up.....! and best of luck with all that work stuff to catch up will no doubt replace your feeling lonely with I'm going crazy silly! hope you have a cozy stuffed doggie to replace the I miss my own dog syndrome! :)

  3. You have my sympathies, I have had many of the night blues they really do suck. All you can do is keep your head above water and remember every day the sun rises, I've seen a few of them on gloom nights.

    Thinking of you. Be well

  4. Oh yeah....when the sun goes down and darkness settles in--I'm good for a piece of it. And then it'll do it's number on me.
    Nice to know I'm not the only one!

    Doesn't change what IS--but DOING changes it. I've been known to shampoo carpets and clean closets.....multiple times in a week. *sigh*

    But it beats getting lost in the sadness, eh? (you'll have to trust me on that one, hopefully!)

    In the meantime--tea....then a leisurely stroll to the post office.
    No rush, yaknow.
    A step at a time--enjoy the weather and the workings of a weight bearing foot.
    Yikes! You'll take crutches and adjust as needed, I'm sure!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments, it always helps to know you're not the only one that gets stricken... and actually writing about it helps too.

    Mel: I wasn't quite desperate enough to start doing housework haha!

    Karen: Django is still here, he doesn't go until the end of October. In the meantime with Daddy gone he has turned back into a whiny little sod. He's angelic when we're both here!

    I had a lovely hot shower this morning, which always helps; and it has stopped raining so I'm off to post my letter and will be at work late and I don't care (ooh how naughty!). Also I just remembered I have a pedicure booked for this afternoon.. mmm!

    Juniper x

  6. enjoy your pedicure , that should improve the mood a little. hugs

  7. I have a vague memory that Michael spent the night in a youth hostel in Glasgow when he did one of those trips and it didn't cost much at all??
    Since this is last night's post, I'm sure you're feeling better by now..............x

  8. Oh yes, and another bit I just remembered on a Martin's Money Tips site. If you divide the trip up into little bits that are actually the same train, some of the fare will be peak time but most of it won't so it is therefore cheaper.

  9. I also heard about a couple who had a cheap train ticket, decided to get off at a station on the way for a look around, and got clobbered for it! So I'm thinking that might happen if he buys a ticket from Ayr and then leaves the station at Glasgow ;-) honestly the whole thing is so much hassle he may as well drive... I don't think they'll ever persuade people to go by rail instead of car in some instances!


  10. Happy to hear Django ( a cute name too) is still there to be babied!


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