Wednesday, 27 October 2010

One potato, two potato... and 3 legs

This morning I went out into a sunny autumnal garden and dug some potatoes and carrots; there is nothing quite like digging/cutting and eating your own home-grown veggies.

The potatoes (Desiree) have done well this year and many are big enough for baking which is great for me, being a bit of a lazy chef at the moment.

I am finding that I can get around the house, and down to the veg patch, pretty well on one crutch which makes carrying things an awful lot easier.   

The downside to this is that I keep leaving crutches in odd places around the house, it's a good thing they're orange.


  1. YUM!

    Worth leaving the crutches for if you ask me. :-/

  2. glad you are finding it easier to get around now.

    You are right about home grown produce I find it always taste much nicer.

  3. what a fabulous bounty! can almost make my hubby's Tomato, Potato Mash......with that load of goodies!...oh yeah and do you know where your crutches are now! ha ha good luck for the day you can go free without them!

  4. My mother would no doubt have a fit if she saw me hopping around with one crutch and a sharp garden fork haha!

    Karen: that sounds lovely, e-mail me the recipe..? ;-)

  5. Orange crutches? I didn't know they made them in colours other than "aluminum" or "fleshy rubber". Wait, are you in the UK? Maybe I should have said aluminium.

  6. Nice potatoes! I always admire anyone that can grew their own food!

  7. Or even grow. Blame the jet lag.

  8. Sparkling Red: Oh yes, I invested in some coloured folding crutches :-) You're right though, the standard NHS issue are grey/aluminum/aluminium ;-)

    Joey: it's worth the effort and waiting!

  9. Yay for home grown veggies and orange crutches! I'm glad important things like that are easy to find colors.

    It's sucks when you can't find them even though said thing is right in front of your face...Happens to me all the time.


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