Sunday, 17 October 2010

Random photo theme

I have discovered a new blogging game...  while mulling over what I could write about today I decided to randomly click on my photo albums (they are filed under year and then month - only occasionally have titles for special occasion) without looking and then write about whichever photo I ended up on.  Now this could be dodgy but don't worry if I come up with anything that shouldn't be aired in public I will re-randomly-select ;-)

Today's random photo is from March 2009; it was on one of my many visits to Doune and it was a cold, spring weekend. I had flown up as Django was living up there for a couple of months; he was getting skinny from being out on site with Mr H. all day in the cold and wet (but dog-coats really aren't practical when fighting one's way though brash on the ground - he would have got 2 yards before getting caught up).

The first day it was dank and wet, the sort that gets to your bones; we walked out in the woods and Django spent a lot of the time standing around looking pathetic. In the evening we snuggled up in the flat with the fire lit, ate some of Mr H's delicious home-cooked food, and drank red wine and whisky.

The following morning we woke up to it snowing; after a bacon and egg breakfast we walked down to the river, and up to this little, old graveyard in the middle of the field, the chapel now long gone. 


  1. except for it being cold and wet it sounds wonderful

  2. A perfect day. It reminds me a great deal of New Hampshire. I miss those random experiences. However, "dank and wet, the sort that gets to your bones" I do not miss.

  3. Oh, but there's a fire burning....

    What a great photo with a great memory attached. And what a cool place to investigate!
    I like graveyards for some odd reason......

  4. Mel, one of the things missing from his new flat is no real fire.. but can't have everything.

    That graveyard is really old and we went up there a couple of times to have a nose around, I agree they are interesting. In completely contrast to a very modern, neatly laid out one in France (near you, Rosie, if you read this). I prefer the old, scruffy, falling down ones.

  5. The second day sounds so nice! I want a bacon and egg breakfast now!

  6. Looking forward to your new idea for blogging! Very inviting photo, can't feel the cold. I enjoyed your story, and I get so much out of grave yards now, as a child I didn't even want to look at one for fear of (well you know) but now I find beauty and so many enriching let's the past lives be relived on each visit. Thanks! Karen

  7. I am quite jealous of you Juni. I don't get nearly the awesome scenery that you do in the UK. California gets so boring after a while because it's always the same...Well Southern California.

    It got so cold one winter that we got frost, but no snow because it was a relatively dry winter that year. Killed a lot of citrus though.

  8. I love the UK, it is so green and varied and has so much history. And there are still so many places we haven't seen.


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