Thursday, 14 October 2010

Versatile? hell yeah, why not!

Thank you to The Adorkable Ditz for awarding me the Versatile Blog award!    I'm so pleased that I can just write what comes into my head, more or less without editing it, and people enjoy reading it.

My task is to tell you 7 things about myself that you probably don't know. It's taken me the morning to think of them but here goes:

1. I wore my mother's wedding dress when I got married in 1989.  It is a beautiful off-white, silk dress which she wore when she married my dad in 1958. I will admit though that it had to be let out a little for me ;-)

2. I have 4 tattoos; the first in my late twenties and the last aged 42 at the time of our 20th wedding anniversary.

3. I only just missed being born in Australia. My dad got a job on a 3 year contract in Melbourne in the early '60s so my parents moved out their with my brother and sister; when the contract was up in 1964 they decided to move back to the UK and decide whether to stay here or go back to Australia. They stayed here and I was born in 1966.

4. I never wanted children but have 5 nephews/nieces plus another 6 from Mr H.s side of the family.  Mr H. and I are officially a Cool Auntie and Uncle.

5. I had my first (and hopefully last) brush with anti-depressants when I had my annus horribilis in 1997 - I won't go into reasons but I hated taking them and got myself off them after 6 months.

6. I have naturally curly, dull brown hair but over the years it has been long, short, blonde, mid-length, brown, straight, red.   I didn't straighten it until a couple of years ago and now it spends its time curly or straight about 50/50 (depending how lazy I'm feeling); I have a great hairdresser now who actually styles it (unlike others I've had over the years) and it works either way.  I feel like a different person when it's straight, very noticeably more confident and less like a 'little girl'.

7. The girl who is now my best girl friend, and has been my rock since Mr H. moved to Scotland, didn't like me when she first met me, at college aged 16. Interestingly we don't have a lot in common with hobbies etc. But we know we can count on each other whether it is a life-changing crisis or just needing a small favour.

I can't choose 5 of you over others, to award this to as there are too many I enjoy.  Take a look at my blogroll over there on the right and check out some of them you haven't looked at before. Happy reading!


  1. they only allow 25? had no idea.... and yes lady, your page is damn interesting! :-)

  2. I just looked again and it was me being cross eyed! I've changed it to show all ;-)

    and - thanks!


  3. That's so cool about the Austrailia thing. I wasn't born anywhere special. Born and raised in Oxnard, California.

  4. Ditz: I've moved about 3 miles since I was born ;-)

  5. This is so awesome! I'm really new to this entire blog thing, but I know this award you got is very cool. I like your new hair (profile pix) I too, change up my hair color since my real hair color is a bland brownish mix, and it has a natural curl which goes in crazy directions!

  6. Juniper: I can understand why I think your site is so cool. As I look it over once again, I can see we have many common interests (although I have never even thought about trying on my mother's wedding dress). Thanks for a great blog!!!


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