Friday, 22 October 2010

TP 120: Savour

For Carmi's Thematic Photographic this week, as ever my mind has gone off at a different tangent...

As I sat in front of the woodburner the other evening, I became aware that I had no interest in the future, or the past - I was savouring the moment.  

That moment of being there, staring at the fire, warming my skin with my dog lying at my feet.

Nothing mattered except the Now.


  1. I find fire comforting and hypnotic. Staring into the flames it opens my eyes inward.

    When I saw the theme one of the thoughts that ran through my head was a fireplace, but I neither had such a shot or the means to make one at the moment. I'm glad you did, it just fits.

  2. I believe that that is the best way to live ones the now.

  3. Love it!... We all should savour the the sepia and pattern of the fireplace grate ( is that the right word?)

  4. I find that I don't do it enough; I spend too much time thinking of the future or mulling over the past.

    KBF: It's the door pattern,


  5. What a wonderful photo....and what a sensory one. It warmed me, even.

    Living in the NOW would serve me well....I needed the reminder, so thank you.

  6. i savour your picture, it looks so comforting

  7. Beautiful, and so evocative.

    I wish we still used our woodburner; staring into the heat pump doesn't have the same effect ;)

  8. I actually thought this was windows in a church on a foggy night for a moment there....
    Very intriguing photo.


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