Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday ramblings

Today dawned dry and we went outside to find lots of bits of oak tree all over the lawn from yesterday's weather. The grass was mown on Thursday and is noticeably growing already... well it's going to have to last another 3 weeks until its next haircut.  Mr H. is out chainsawing and chopping wood to fill up the log pile and baskets in the house, so I will be able to light a fire in the evenings; I've just realised that means I'll have to move my 'office' as it is currently right in front of the sitting room fireplace, not the best place for a laptop!  I put on my wellies and fiddled with a few things in the garden, it felt very normal.

No it's not snowing!  this was January 2010

* * * *

Talking of three weeks time, next time Mr H. comes down, at the end of October, he is taking Django back to Scotland with him; he will have custody probably until Christmas.  It makes life easier for me not having to worry about him getting walked in horrible weather (friends aren't so keen!) and having to clear up the garden after him when it's covered in leaves - not the easiest job even when able-bodied.   I will miss him of course, but he will have a lovely time up there and out in the field getting lots of exercise.  When he did this before it was February/March and he came back looking like a stick insect, so I have been fattening him up in preparation!

* * * *

This afternoon we are taking a trip to the big garden centre, we need some new bulbs for our outside lights and they only stock them when they have the christmas lights in, which they have now (just); also Mr H. has been bemoaning the dearth of nice cards in Ayr so we will stock up on those as well.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. i love the marvelous tree in the background and wish Django good travels.

  2. Three weeks left of cuddles ;-) and then I'll need to start setting my alarm clock!

  3. Ahh! Reminds me of my former life in New Hampshire. Chopping wood every day, fireplaces, office in the wrong spot...Some of my fondest memories. Enjoy!!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful way to share the weekend. Happy trails to Django, it's like a camping trip to the fields, dogs simply love it!...look out birds romping soon....enjoy what time you have left with your alarm clock on vacation! Take good care, Karen

  5. I'm thinking it's a good deal for the pup and for you. Probably for the Mr., truth be told.

    I know the quandry of the larger bulbs for patio lights.
    We stock up when the holiday lights come out, too!


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