Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Good things today...

Some of the good things about today....

Posting that letter

Going for a fantastic pedicure and coming home with sparkly gold toe-nails

Using my bed as a desk/dumping ground for everything I'm using today, despite knowing I have to clear it up before I can go to bed

Trying to work one-handed while my office colleague leans on my desk.....

Strawberry bonbons

Having my first on-the-floor cuddle with Django since June


  1. Unusual mailbox..wish ours were unique...Strawberry bonbons- another flavor I haven't seen.. just the regular vanilla or chocolate.

  2. I do love our red pillar boxes, we have a good variety of different aged ones around here from different kings/queens' reigns - they have their initials on them.

    Bonbons - I've only seen strawberry and lemon!

  3. the cuddles are so cute...nothing like puppy love :) the toes :)

  4. Congratulations on your walk to the post box. Django's enjoying his cuddles, what a cutie.
    Had good old giggle at your illustration friday, hilarious hairy legs:)

  5. I LOVE your office colleague!! Mine are two black cats, and they are almost always at my side.

    About the photos: I store mine on the hard drive too, but I use Picasa to edit, add text and lighten - and store them there as well. Today I deleted a bunch of old ones, so I hope that will help.

  6. Thats one happy pooch. I can't remember when I last had bonbons. Now a cup of tea hmm thats a very good idea .... *dashes of to kitchen*

  7. Okay--they're all wonderful things. Must be--I found myself smiling for you.

    Oh, except for the bed. *laughing* I found myself wondering if it was a case of 'dump on the floor and deal later'...cuz that woulda been my answer!

  8. Red pillar post boxes are so cool!

    Good for you, Juniper!

  9. All in all a very good day it appears! I do love the puppy snuggle and your charming post/mail boxes. Ours our so, well not worth mentioning really! :)

  10. Janie: glad you appreciated the legs ;-)

    Mel: I used to do that when I was young - mum would put everything on my bed, and I would just put it back on the floor again! But I've improved now ;-)


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