Thursday, 21 October 2010

Now it IS turning colder

I awoke to our first frost this morning - and what was the first thing I thought of?  Yep, Carmi.   Is that really sad?  

So, having just realised it's Thursday, I reckon I can just sneak this one in before the next subject comes up.

Here is 'Turning Colder; from a mole's view point'

And yes, it took a bit of effort for me to get down that low, but I consider it part of my physiotherapy.


  1. Oh I love it! Great contrast of colours :-)

    C x

    Ps. Sorry I've not been around much...Uni has started again and I've been having all kinds of problems with modules and costs and dissertations (who's stupid idea was this anyway? Oh...mine? bugger no-one else to blame then!)

  2. We have not yet had our first frost, but it might come tomorrow night. Today I saw an ant crawling around, and I thought how cold it must be. Poor little ant. It needs a little hoodie or parka or something.

  3. Hi Carol :-) oh sounds like fun, not. My OU has started too, but don't have things like dissertations to worry about yet!

    S.R: haha! bless it. When I read that I immediately thought "Chibi Janine could do a great picture of that!"


  4. Oh No! Frost! ..but you framed it so handsomely!

  5. That looks so cool. I appreciate you taking it for us!

  6. I appreciate that you managed the up and down for the photo to happen.

    But BRRRRR!!!!

    (not like that's not already happened here--cuz it has...LOL)


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