Wednesday, 27 October 2010

October 1987

Marlborough, Swindon
Lechlade, Burford;
Past the garden centre and Filkins
The army ranges, the antique shops.
The Savernake Oak which was
'Our tree'.

Every month we'd visit
Taking it in turns.
Arriving on a Friday night after work.
Leaving, sad-faced, on Sunday.

This time it was his turn,
We sat on bean bags,
(As was 80s fashion)
In our low-beamed dining room
Watching TV.
Which programme?
I have no idea.

I expect he remembers;
He has a mind for

Somebody in the programme
Brought a meal in for their loved one.
I think it was pizza and salad.

He said to me
"If we got married
I could do that."


  1. That's so cute! <3

  2. Such a beautiful picture you draw for us with your words. I love your opening setting....and even I can't really recall many good TV from the 80's....I'd have to really think hard.

  3. think Big Hair...then it all comes flooding back!

    lovely writing


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