Monday, 11 October 2010

The power of colour

It's another beautiful summer October day, and the forecast is dry and sunny for the rest of this week.  I have spent an hour out on the veranda/verandah (I can never decide whether it looks better with or without the 'h', either is correct. What do you think?) having a rather late lunch and writing to Mr H. on red paper.   I am finishing up a multi-coloured writing block from Paperchase (a treasure trove of stationery for those of us who have that fetish) but I have used all my favourite colours. It definitely affects the mood of the letter depending on the colour of the paper; there were two lovely ones, pale-ish blue and pastel turquoise, which always felt very relaxing. The red, bright yellow, blue and bright green definitely aren't.

I now need to do some studying and start my first assignment, so have moved inside because I can't concentrate with the glare from the computer screen. It feels so wrong sitting inside on such a beautiful day; yesterday I spent a lot of time outside reading about ETHICS, which is the part of psychology that makes you wonder how any research is ever done.

On the subject of colour, here is my very stylish Paperchase pencil case which gives me pleasure (an absolute requirement of degree study).

I have told my office that I won't work beyond 3pm each day; this is my way of regulating my work and getting me off the rollercoaster of energy/tiredness I was on during the last couple of weeks. That's work work; study work is extra.  

Now I just need to set myself an alarm for 3pm, and stick to it!


  1. I have no idea why, but I tend to think of 'verandah' as associated with Asia and 'veranda' as American. Which doesn't help you much here in Europe.

  2. Definitely with an 'h' dahling. Love the pencil case especially filled with lots of pretty glittery pens

  3. Unfortunatly I haven't seen the sun today. Me and kiddo conked out at midday.

    Enjoy the Autumn sun while it lasts.

    I'm not looking forward to the clock changing :( As the dog and kid work to body clock setting not wall clock.

  4. I say no "h" but then that's the norm over here. Love the colors, (over here we don't use the u either) except my daughter (great lover of all British and non-American) she's her own person. We too are having excellent weather, had to chuckle with your crossing out summer, but it really feels like SUMMER!

  5. I think it looks better without the H but that's just me. Today was weird, it started all sunny and hot but it was still not warm enough to evaporate the dew and such from the car and as soon as I get out of class it gets all overcasty. I like it.

  6. Way down South, they use veranda. Otherwise, they think of it as veran-DUH.

    What kind of Ethics are you studying? Philosophical, as in Socrates and the study of morality, or how shrinks should treat the general public?

  7. Research ethics - informed consent and all that stuff.

  8. Ughhhh....ethics.....

    EVERY year--required like clockwork.

    *shaking head*

    Oh--but I love the pretty colours!
    And skip the 'h' just looks funny?


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