Saturday, 16 October 2010

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I'm doomed

Although I am working from home, I make sure that I have a proper weekend and Saturday has become 'housework day'.   I don't mind housework, which for me only stretches as far as doing the washing, hoovering and a bit of tidying up; I would wash the kitchen floor but figure that's not a good idea while I'm on crutches!   Dusting is a special occasion job, and ironing is done on those 2 days a year that I wear something made of linen.   Is it true that there is a finite level of dust, after which it gets no thicker?  In my book, a spotless house is the sign of an empty mind; and everyone who comes here says how comfortable and 'at home' they feel, so that dresser can go another few weeks.

Oddly in contrast to this, I am obsessive about the cleanliness of crockery and cutlery and can't abide people who don't wash up properly (easily traced back to my childhood). So if you visit me, you can be assured of a spotless plate to eat off.

There is one thing I won't miss when Django goes to Scotland next weekend, and that is the dog hair and dust that he creates; he is moulting at the moment... well he seems to permanently moult but it is worse right now. If I sweep the floor, an hour later (if he has moved) it has short white and black hairs on it again (in fact it is always more white, do the black ones not fall out as much?  or do they just not show up).  At least the birds will be glad of the sweepings for their roosts and nests.

Sunny autumnal and winter days are lovely, but have you noticed how they show up grubby windows and the dust in the air as the sun streams in?   it never seems to show in summer.  It makes me desperate to clean the windows, maybe I will ask Mr H. at the weekend.... I refuse to pay someone to do what I can do myself (plus they'd probably take one look, suck their teeth, and quote me twice the normal price).

This afternoon I have set aside for studying, I really must get on with that essay that I've been putting off all week. The subject is identity, maybe I can include something about the impression you get of someone from the state of their house...


  1. Ah. The dreaded essay.....
    I'd have fun with that one!

    As for housework--with a wee one here, it was done prior to her arrival--though woulda saved on 'snacks' had I not bothered. *laughing* Oh, and she does love her 'snacks'!

    The joy of being the working woman is having himself as the cleaning fanantic. And that obsessive/compulsive part of his personality definitely works in my favor.
    Until it's time to locate something...
    *rolling eyes*
    I'm sure it makes sense in his brain......

  2. "a spotless house is the sign of an empty mind." I love it!!! My mind is filled to capacity.

  3. well my mind must be pretty full too :). I HATE houswork

  4. ah yes housework, that will always be there, and life is too short to miss. Did you read my comment on the great beauty and clean blog site you have taken great care with!!! Love it...I too agree with the clean dishes, and even though I usually am the one putting them away I still look at everyone before I use or offer it...another thing that will always be....good luck on your studies, but you have such a bounty of being creative just tune in.... :)

  5. Dusting? What is that? LOL My mom is always on my case about dusting but whatever. I do what needs to be done.

  6. I didn't think there would be many empty brains around here :-)

    Karen: thanks! I'm glad you like it.

    Ditz: that reminds of when I was your age. My room was messy but I knew where everything was. I never won the 'tidy bedroom' prize my parents gave out - my perfect sister always got it, ha!

  7. Mel, just trying to work out what 'snacks' the Bug is eating... or is that where she got her nickname ;-)

  8. I with you on the dog issue my laminate floor is like a scene in weston flims with a tumble weed rolling past only on closer inspection its Huskey cross undercoat. As fast as I clean the stuff more appear seem to be more this year than ever before.

  9. CJ: I can just imagine what that is like! we used to have a Lab/Retriever cross who lived outside, he had a fantastic undercoat. Pointer hair is the sort that also sticks itself into clothes and upholstery because it's short and kind of sharp,and you have to sit and pick them out individually (if one is really bored and desperate).

    But we still love 'em :-)

  10. hmmm, empathising deeply over dog hairs!


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