Monday, 17 October 2016

D & R

Sometimes the posts I wrote on this blog after the crash seem like a dream.    Through those days, weeks and months my blog was a great source of strength for me, it helped me clear my mind.  I was a place for me to think out loud, to fill my days with projects such as photographs and art, to share the big effect on my life with new friends.

Now that all seems an age ago, although it was only 6 years.  No I am not fully recovered and never will be - the damage done to the muscles and soft tissues in my right leg are not going away. I will never go jogging again.  But my life is good, it is full, it is busy, and I revel in my new hobby of motorsport and only occasionally miss the sailing.   I have made many new friends through the fitness studio I joined to rehabilitate my leg.  I don't need to write this blog any more, yet it is a diary for me to look back at on occasion - a reminder of all the stuff (good and bad) that went through my mind during that time. 

A reminder that the reality of my life today is based on those times that now seem like a dream.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reflecting on my 40s..

On the last evening of my 40s I've been reflecting and I reckon it has probably been my most eventful decade so far...

- Spent 6 years studying for an Open University degree and graduated with First Class Honours.
- Lived on my own twice, for 12 months and 15 months, when Alex was working in Scotland.
- Said goodbye to two Pointers :( and Hello to another :)
- Had a big van crash and was black'n'blue all over with a split-open-sausage knee and a smashed up femur.
- Rediscovered how amazing my husband is.
- Gave up sailing (for now).
- Took up speed hill climbing & sprinting.
- Rediscovered classic cars.
- Started dog showing again after a 12 year gap.
- Accepted an unconditional offer to do a 2 yr MSc with Portsmouth Uni.
- Celebrated 25 years and 30 years working at RORC.

I wonder what the next decade will bring...?