Thursday, 14 March 2013

Information overload

My head might possibly explode soon, it is being over-fed.  Just one more wafer thin mint....?

I have just submitted Assignment no.4 which was a tricky one about globalisation, justice and human rights.  The progress went from bawling "I-can't-do-it tears" to completion in 5 days, not bad. 

Assignment no.5 is 'the big one', a 4000 word independent essay. In other words the full essay from a question we created ourselves from choice of topics, and previously wrote an essay plan for. Since that was now some time ago I'm going to have to remind myself what it was all about, and of my tutor's feedback. I do know that it involved climate change and power relations.  Of course other students on the forum are saying things like "Oh yes, I just have to pad out my essay plan and it's done."  Really? no changes to make after the feedback? I always wish I hadn't looked at the forum.

I just made the mistake of reading a tutorial on the OU website about 'Information and how to find it'.  I wish I hadn't looked at that either.

I think I'm going to switch off my brain now and have a glass of wine instead.