Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shorts: Tactile

Look at this...

Now, (bearing in mind the casing is soft not hard) tell me without your fingers crossed behind your back that you don't want to pick that up and just handle it...

Yesterday I bought a box of Fairy Liquitabs* (as above) and discovered that they have changed the box lid (why???) so it no longer has a hinge on it.  So I decided to transfer the 20 new gel-slightly-squishy-but-not-too-much things into my old box.   Wow!  they felt amazing, so much so that I spent some time savouring the job.

Weird, maybe.

Pleasurable, yes.

*For those of you in a country where they don't sell these - they are a coupla inches square and go in the washing machine.


  1. LOL I could just imagine if my son got hold of them. They would never get near the washing machine.

  2. It's only fair that we in the deprived countries where they don't have 'em......get to play with 'em first!


    Just sayin'!!!!

  3. It must be tactile. The visual, well...

  4. I'm still slightly confused as to what those things are...

  5. They are little pouches full of liquid, you put them in with the clothes in the washing machine instead of using washing powder, and they dissolve in the water.

    I use them because it stops everything getting clogged up with powder!


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