Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I'm a short way through a book called "The Ice Cream Girls" by Dorothy Koomson, which is about two 19 year old girls accused of murder in the late 80s. It flashes back and forth between present day and when they were teenagers and is written in the first person, in chapters by each girl in turn.

The bit I've been reading this morning is where one of them is 15 and having extra tutoring, and is 'seduced' by her male teacher, and I'm finding it really uncomfortable to read.  Because it's from the 15 year old's point of view, it makes me feel so sad and angry at the same time, because she doesn't know any different - as far as she is concerned she is 'in love' and turning into a real woman, and he is The One.   It makes me want to shout at her but I know she wouldn't believe me, because she believes everything he tells her.

I'm already looking forward to the part where he gets his come-uppance...


  1. Good morning. I just looked this up on Amazon and the review I read is full of how you mustn't be deceived by the frothy cover because it's not chick lit at all - and that purported to be from the book itself. So why not change the cover ????
    Looks like another one to add to Bookmooch. Tony really enjoyed the Michael Frayn which is next on my pile to read.

  2. What a lovely blog you have. Nice to meet you.

    I agree with Rosie about how deceptive covers can be. Ridiculously so.

    Hope the toerag's comeuppance is a good one:-)

  3. Thanks Lane, it was nice to find you too :-) I can't remember via who it was now!

    I won't tell any more about the book so as not to spoil it for Rosie!

  4. Rosie, I'm glad him outdoors enjoyed Michael Frayn; I will look out more of his when I have time - have rather a lot on my list at the mo (yes JJ, including Ernest Hemingway!) including some REAL chick lit!

  5. I never read fiction, but it sounds like an interesting book. I think book cover designs are often terrible.

  6. That is exactly how I thought of my boyfriend when I was 15. He was only 17, but I was still in for some misuse and heartbreak before that chapter was over.

  7. Juniper: I have been a teacher a long time and I can tell you that no matter how many times in so many different ways you warn them, teenage girls don't listen. They are vulnerable, and we fail to afford them the protection they need until they are mature enough to understand the dangers. Many of them do not have the support at home, which puts them even more at risk. I'm sure I did not grow up on this planet. Quite disturbing.


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