Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I'm having a 'bugged' day.   Everything seems to irritate me; I seem to have a permanent frown on my face; if someone says the wrong thing I might cry*.   And little things just build up. Here are the things that have bugged me this morning...

1. The way the zip tag on my jeans gets stuck upside down at the bottom and I break my fingernails trying to extricate it.

2. The fact that you get a mountain of unintelligible paperwork with a new pension.

3. The way the dog barks every time he hears the slightest noise. He never used to; I'm not sure whether he is protecting me or going senile.

4. How a friend who I haven't seen for about 15 years is probably going to be turning up around lunchtime with half a day's warning... I hope they like cheese on toast.

5. The way everything about work seems to aggravate me at the moment.  Maybe I am starting to suffer from the isolation of being here alone instead of in the office. I'd rather be doing anything than running around after deadlines that apply to people's leisure time, we're not talking about saving lives here; so I am writing this instead.

6.  How everything just seems Too Hard.   Not every day stuff but going to places, arranging things, getting more than one person in the same place at the same time, seeing people.  

I feel like hibernating for the winter and only letting Mr H into my fluff-lined den.

*All it took was my mother saying on the phone 'you'd better speak to dad' instead of discussing something simple with me herself, and that was it, I was off into that bad place of dripping tears into my lunch.

I'm looking forward to when I can escape to places like this to clear my head:


  1. The friend turning up out of the blue reminds me of my mother in law shes the master of short notice visits. Then when she does turn up hubby buggers of upstairs to play computer games so I left entertaining Grrrr at them both LOL.

    Any way sorry your feeling down write more later gotta take child out as he's bouncing of the walls.

  2. It's alright to cry a little and let it out. You sound like me when I was having a bad day with the nitric acid and such. Everyone has days like that and you know what? It'll get better!


  3. It does sound like a vacation might be necessary! Funny you mention cheese and toast. I just made, (I'm almost laughing now) 2 slices of toast popped cheese on and micro-waved about 22 sec...Just before I read this! So, Yes! don't we all love cheese and toast! I have to laugh about barking dogs, I just posted that Sunday morn on FB cuz my dogs bark at the wind. Even if I park my car in the driveway, they will randomly bark at it if they glance out the window....great Watch dogs!I hope your mood gets brighter!

  4. Aw, I suppose we all have to have days like that occasionally, but that doesn't make them any less aggravating at the time, I know.

    And oooh I HATE when the zipper tag does that, I have a pair of pants that does that all the time. I keep threatening to throw them away!

    Just blow off those things you can and soak in a tub, or take a walk, read a book, or whatever it is that relaxes you. Breathe peace.

  5. Darn zips.... *grumbling*

    This too shall pass.
    Pig cookies work wonders.

  6. Think we caught the grump bug from you had to put Ed's (My Son) to bed for a mid-day sleep as he was in such a foul mood.

  7. Mel: it was a mouse haha!

    CJ: oh dear, I'm sorry about that ;-)


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