Friday, 15 October 2010

I still can't get over the size of those screws

So... it's getting on for four months and I've just had the CD of my latest x-rays, so I guess time for another update.   Here is one of the x-rays, with mark-up by me.. I will post the others on the separate x-rays page.

As those of you who have been following my blog for a while know, I was confined to non-weight bearing from the end of June until 4th October; and thankfully this time everything was progressing swimmingly so I am now allowed to put 30% of my bodyweight onto it.  Judging that has been - well - an inexact science!   Although I did try the 'standing on the bathroom scales' as advised, in real life there is no guage so I just use intuition, of which we women have so much apparently.

The downside of this is that all the aches and pains in my knee and hip, and in my general thigh muscles have come back; just when they thought it was safe to relax I'm making them work again. 

The accident now feels a little dream-like to me, unreal and distant; sometimes a thought or memory will come into my head and upset me, but more often than not they are to do with being in hospital and knowing how much Mr H. and my friends and family must have been feeling. It is almost an empathetic upset-ness, putting myself in their places; I hate to think of the ones I love in distress. 

Even looking at the x-rays is surreal - that isn't really the inside of my leg, it's just a picture of some bones; and the scars are just there, but don't seem to evoke any feeling now when I see them... I wonder how I'll feel about them in 10 years time?

I've settled into working from home, and living downstairs (although I have promised Mr H. we can sleep upstairs next weekend when he is home), and have a pretty fixed routine of what time I wake up, get up, start work, have lunch, stop work, shower, study (if I'm in the right mood), cook tea, go to bed... and on special occasions I'll fit in a walk to the post box or to the corner shop.  

I can't imagine being back in the office and my old routines of walking or cycling to work, walking the dog, nipping into town on a Saturday morning, driving to visit friends.

But then 2 months ago I couldn't imagine putting any weight on my leg or posting my own letters....



  1. The pins look scary...but otherwise I'd say looking great! ...and ...ah the hurrdles of life that breeze in for awhile, make their point and move on to the next person. Things like your experience really make a person stop and think about..the real importance of living our short time on mother earth....let's hope the world is even a better place in 333 years from now! and broken bones will probably be healed over night by laser beams, but what would be learned that quickly!

  2. That's just what I said when I saw the x-ray of my knee. It flabbergasted me when I saw the size ... and they looked just like dry-wall screws!

    It looks like yours are in a more deeply buried place but fair waring:

    If you can feel the head of the screw from the outside, take care not to bang your hip against anything metal. When I do that with my knee it gongs (not the sound, but the vibration) and it is SO not a pleasant experience!

  3. Hey Mustang, what did you do you your knee?

    I don't like the sound of the 'gong' experience; thankfully I have enough layers of fat - I mean muscle - to protect them I think ;-)


  4. Oh my, you are both freaking me out... I'm glad the healing is progressing anyway but man, those xrays freak me out!

  5. Sparx - I love x-rays, they fascinate me! maybe it's a love it / hate it thing ;-)


  6. I'm so glad things are healing up nicely! You are a strong woman and deserve the best and speediest recovery. Also with your sexy skin intact you should be the Goddess of England!


  7. wow that is one scary looking x-ray, sometimes i'm amazed at what humans can endure

  8. It was one of those weird things that could only happen to me. It was a lot of years ago now. Short version is that I walked off a stage and bent my knee sideways (outward). Broke in 3 pieces and had to be screwed back together.

    Long version will probably be one of my Weird Wednesday posts eventually.


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