Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Idle thoughts

Quite often, I drop one of my crutches, or both of them - normally when I am balancing them on myself or something else while I use my hand(s) for something else.   As I am a touch-your-toes type of person it's no problem, I can pick them up without any trouble. 

But how do obese people manage?  Presumably they would have to stand there until somebody picked it up for them.

The other thing I have been known to do in the past is sleepwalk.  The two memorable occasions were firstly when I took the duvet into the corner of the bedroom, heaven knows what I was doing with it.  Mr H. wasn't impressed!   Another time (he tells me, I have no recollection) in the days when we set the house alarm at night, I went downstairs, unset the alarm, set it again and went back to bed.    I quite regularly wake up scared thinking there is a stranger in the room or in my bed (interestingly not once has that happened since the accident, but then I have been sleeping alone!); or not knowing where I am and taking a few moments sitting on the edge of the bed putting the pieces of jigsaw together - window, bed, etc. - before I finally work it out and relax.

So, if a compulsive sleepwalker breaks their leg - when they sleepwalk do they remember to take their crutches, or do they try and walk around without them?


  1. Ah that's a very important question and one you could solve! If, and when you sleepwalk again. Maybe your accident has cured your sleepwalking. About picking up your crutches, perhaps in your sleepwalking mode and not full consciousness you can’t actually get up and walk around! It will be very interesting to see once you have full walking capabilities if you sleepwalk again! Do you think that’s was stopping you right now?

  2. Karen, I don't do it often enough to know - I can go months without sleepwalking so no proof there.

    Maybe all the dreams I had about accidently walking without my crutches were something to do with it...


  3. Juniper: Here is a helpful hint - Don't drop your crutches.

  4. LOL Oh, it's the simple solutions, eh?

    I haven't sleepwalked in forever--or I have and it's not awakened the Brit.

    One of the above is true.
    I'm afraid to discover which....

  5. JJ: I figure it gives me some exercise (well stretching at least) picking them up, and right now I can use all I can get ;-)


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