Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Don't call me, I'll call you

In the last week I have had two random private messages via Facebook.

The first one was on Saturday and was a personal bitch-attack on the friend that was coming over for supper that evening; evidently another 21-ish year old judging by the use of "cos" and calling herself 'Princess Supersta'.  Surprise, surprise the Princess had mysteriously disappeared from Facebook when I tried to send a mature reply along the lines of "I suggest you refrain from sending nasty messages to people you don't know".    I then had a moral dilemma whether to tell my friend but decided against it; it was a immature, bitchy message not worth ruining our evening for, and probably written after a few glasses of WKD vodka... although it was mid-afternoon.... yep probably that was it.

Tonight I received the following:

Travon L. Blanding    October 12, 2010 at 11:21pm
Subject: whats up????
you gave me your number and now you wont answer your phone!!!! you dont want this big d***???  (asterisks by me)

Well, TRAVON - what sort of name is that?    Considering I haven't been out socially since early August, and I really don't think you were at the cocktail party at the Royal Yacht Squadron, I suspect I didn't give you my number.    Also please note that there should be apostrophes in what's, won't and don't; also it really ought to read "don't you" not "you don't" since what you have written is a statement not a question, and I'm guessing you meant it as a question although a statement would be more accurate.  

I've thought about it, and you're right, I really don't want it.   So I'm just going to click on 'Report', thats ok by you??


  1. Oh this is really funny, although what happened on your Facebook is not. It seems users don't need a brain or a heart to have free use of a computer/internet...what in the world did their parents teach, or rather NOT teach those poor sad souls. I wrote a short blog sometime back about some replies possibly being hurtful, that not everyone always gets what some people say and things can get ugly. But those two comments to you were really out of line. Gosh I'm glad so far that my friends/family don't spoil my time on Facebook! My experience has been simple random fun and family/friends photos! I do have a block of sorts to keep the %$&*%! strangers at bay! But thanks for giving me such a laugh when I read this! Take care ~ Karen

  2. Karen, glad you enjoyed it :-) these are the first time I've had anything like that. Like you it normally just fun, happy chat and sharing photos with friends and family.

    I do hope Travon isn't too distraught at my rejection.


  3. Juniper: Never wrestle with a pig. When it's all over, you're covered with shit and the pig had a good time.

  4. Today on Facebook after seeing that the Tickler and I broke up, his grampa asked if he was still my Tata (what we call him). I was so moved that I started to cry.

    He's the only grandpa I have left.


  5. *chuckling* I love JJ.

    Spot on!

    And wayyyyyyyy to much drama for me. Oh, I'm soooooo very glad I just don't bother!

  6. Oooh how exciting I had another message from the Princess!

    "Told u **** wudnt get the job!!!!
    She needs 2 get with da real world stop being a snob nd sign on job centre!"

    I am in awe of such exquisite English.

    And I can't even tell her to Go Away because FB says she doesn't exist! how does that work!?



  7. JJ: you're so right. And this one is just a piglet, I want to stomp on it.

    Ditz: that's very sweet, you being you I know you will keep him as your Grandpa.


  8. I'm sure Travon will bounce back to another unknown to him and offer more of his oddness in hopes of entrancing someone else. You are so right about that name Travon. What does it mean and who would name their child that? Perhaps it's a family name, now I'm curious and will have to check it out. Off for more morning coffee, and hopefully you'll get this (this is my second reply)if I don't hit the "esc" key by mistake! :) Karen

  9. slimey...........
    Get A Life comes to mind

    i had a slime ball mystery caller once, put him behind the curtains and let him witter away to himself for hours at a time.
    after about a fortnight it became boring, he was clogging up the line so I contacted the police- it turned out to be a restaurant kitchen porter who was told that he would be prosecuted if he called me again.

    he phoned the next day to apologise ...then silence


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