Saturday, 2 October 2010

Us and Them

In the 1970's a chap called Henri TAJFEL did a social identity experiment to show that we discriminate against people in our 'outgroups' (ie. in a different group to us) based on the most tenuous of links.

He split a bunch of teenage boys into two groups, apparently based on their preference for one of two abstract painters; in fact they were split entirely randomly.   The tests showed that they displayed discrimination against boys in the group that liked the 'other' artist, although there was no personal gain for them from their decision.

Anyway I thought I'd have a look at the two artists in question and they painted some interesting stuff so I why not share it with you:  They were Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky

See more paintings by Paul KLEE

See more paintings by Wassily KANDINSKY

I personally prefer Kandinsky's style, although of the two above I prefer Klee's picture. How about you?  I promise I won't hold it against you...


  1. Personally I don't really like either. If I can do it, I don't consider it art. But if I HAD to choose, it's gonna be Kandinsky.

  2. I love them both, but I much prefer Kandinsky. I can tell you why, if anyone cares to know. I can paint neither. It is harder than it looks, Ms. Adorkable Ditz, but I respect your opinion. I think one must be a little whacked to like either. I qualify.

  3. I perfer the first one.

    On an intresting note along the same sort of lines I was watching a documentry about the planet of the apes (the originals) and some of the actors said that when in costume they seemed to segregate themselves into there animal class at meal times and when resting ie the Gorillas sat with the gorillas, chimps sat with chimps it wasn't a concious descission they just did it.

  4. I'll take the top one. Though I enjoy the second one as well.


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