Monday, 18 October 2010

Shorts: various

Well who'd'a thought that out there is a website called Django Dog ....  for a minute I thought my boy had been snapped up for his 15 minutes of fame, but the photo is definitely not him (albeit pretty cute).

* * *
Last night I had the first hot water bottle of the season; the previous night I lay for half an hour shivering and not wanting to get out of bed to make one!  Autumn is officially here.

I'm not really looking forward to this week. My four main work colleagues were at a conference in Istanbul for 3 days of last week (which I wisely decided to forego) so I had peace to get on with my work and managed to catch up a lot; now they are back and I just know my inbox is going to be full of stuff from the boss by 1200 today.  Friday is also the deadline for copy for our 2011 Yearbook which I have to work on.

But the good news is that Mr H. is back again for the weekend on Friday morning :-)

Happy Monday all.


  1. Bet your heart skipped a beat when u saw the name!. BTW I looked at your wrecked vehicle!. omg,being new to your page, I am astounded that u came out in one piece!. I bet seeing those photos stirs up a lot of emotion..

  2. I've been hot-water-bottling for weeks now, but then I'm nesh. Hope your week goes well. Blimey, the word verification is 'coven', do you think they're trying to tell us something?!

  3. I've had the hottie out too. And the hot wheat bags. Roll on spring!

  4. I hear you about the cold weather. I will be getting out the electric blanket soon!

  5. You don't appear to be so happy in the cold! Could it be having to wear all the things necessary to keep us warm?

  6. I'm happy in the cold if I'm wearing the right stuff, but it is a pfaff putting it all on! I have to say that Crewsaver hat is lovely and warm ;-) When it's really cold my expensive down jacket comes out...

    That picture was taken last winter sometime I think, on a morning dog walk.

  7. I have poor circulation so I have very low tolerance for sudden changes in temperature. First hint of cold and I can't feel my toes :(

    So its layers, gloves and scarves for me and the blessed central heating.

  8. I love that it's getting cooler here. Now it might not be as cold as what you have right now, but it's cold enough to bring out the thermal pj's and wear sweatshirts all day!

  9. *laughing*
    I don't hug a hot water bottle--but I did turn the furnace on a week or so ago to take the chill outta the house. And I drug out a sweatshirt kinda jacket.

    It's cooled off.
    But 'cold' for me is -20F.
    k....that's BEYOND cold--that's just stupidly freezing!!!


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