Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spot's been Spotted!

Well well, Mustang Sally, Functional Kaos lady,  Mum informs me proudly that we have won an award!   We are most honoured to receive the Gold Framed Dog Blog Award, thank you very much. I would give you a kiss but you're a little far away - please receive a virtual kiss from me {xxxxxxx}.

Naturally being so good looking, I am no stranger to awards, but this is my first Blogging Award and to be frank I'll bet none of my (ex) showing friends have got one of these!!!!

I thought since I am on the winners' podium I would tell you a little about myself.   I was a Millenium puppy, born on 16 January 2000 to a laid back father and a slightly neurotic mother (I'm sure a few of you can relate to that).  I am from showing rather than working stock, they have short legs and aren't quite as attractive as us; but are more useful. Although I do know how to point, it's in the genes you know.   Anyway, my dog-grandad was top UK Champion Pointer 1994, and my dog-dad won a bit and went to Crufts a lot but never had that last 'je ne sais quoi' to get any further.     Here is a picture of me and my dog-dad, who also owned my Mum and Dad. They always said they should have had the stud fee instead of the puppy (me) but apparently that was a joke...

I did quite a bit of the showing lark when I was a puppy and did very well; I even have a place card from Crufts.  But then we found that because of my short-ass dog-mother I didn't grow tall enough, so Mum and Dad decided there was no point continuing and my showing career was pretty much finished by the time I was 2.  That's just fine as it means less travelling, and less standing around and being made to walk on terrifying slippery floors; and less having to make small talk with all those other Pointers at showgrounds.

When at home in the south I spend most of my day sleeping, running on the Forest or the sea wall, pointing/chasing pheasants in the woods, and eating.

I would like to pass this award on to 2 of our friends:

Lane, Peggy and Teabag - these guys look fun to walk with.

Kalei's Best Friend - yeah ok, a cat.... but I'm open minded.



  1. You are welcome very much Django. Virtual kisses are accepted and appreciated.

    Such a handsome boy as yourself deserves recognition and I've seen in you Mum's posts how much she adores you. I'm very embarrassed about botching the presentation of your award. I've just been a little distracted lately.

    I caught my little Moppet eyeing your photo ... really, she's far to old for such things but she's such a dirty little ol' lady!

    Hope you enjoy your holiday in the north.

    Kind regards,

  2. LOL, well thank you! and Kalei thanks u for making an exception...Stud fee?well if that had happened would u have had more expensive meals?

  3. Wow all so darling! In a doggies world this must be heaven! Very cool......and I love that gold frame and doggie too!

  4. Awwwwww....about time one of the stars got his just award! :-)

    Congratulations, puppy! And I do hope you're enjoying your adventures with your other human!

  5. Woof Woof bark bark uff. Whimper whine snuffle squeek.


    Tranlated from Barney Talk - How did you get your name. I came with mine I was a second or is that third hand dog.


  6. Hi Barney, I was named after Django Reinhardt a famous gypsy guitarist in the 1930s. Yeah my dad's a bit of a muso.

    My kennel club name dahling is Pebblegate Black Jack at Lightspeed, don't you know, la-di-da! But Jack would've been too boring (no offense to any Jacks you know).

    We like your 2nd/3rd owner :-) I think she needs to do some illustrations of you!



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