Friday, 15 October 2010

TP 119: Turning Colder

It's nowhere near cold enough here to be taking suitable pictures for Carmi's Thematic Photographic this week, "Turning Colder";  for the first time I had to have a search through my existing pictures.

The one I chose has some sentimental value, it was taken in February 2009 in the Trossachs in Scotland while Mr H. was on his degree work placement there for a year.  I had many happy visits to the north to discover the area; he lived on the edge of a very flat valley which then rose suddenly into hills, it felt like the end of the Lowlands and the start of the Highlands; although we were apart, it was an area he came to love.

On this occasion my best friend G had flown up with me for a 3-day weekend, and we spent it driving around giving her a whistle-stop tour of the area.  One afternoon, as the last visit that day, we went to Loch Katrine which was in Mr H.'s working area (for the Forestry Commission). Judging by the lack of snow we must have been in a mid-winter thaw period - the loch looked beautiful in the dimming light, with traces of snow on the ground and white hilltops in the distance.


  1. "and a blue true dream of sky.."e.e cummings.

  2. brrr ... I can feel the cold. It is a beautiful blue though, and a moon shot to boot.

  3. WOW......

    And what nice memory attached to it.

  4. love it JJ... i bet the air was still...i like how the fence is outlined w/snow....

  5. What a lovely "peaceful" place...great for memories, and a better way to enjoy winter although others may require more snow, ice and freaking cold windchills...not me...Wonderful Turning Colder view!

  6. i looked up abutilons:

    Abutilons are popular garden plants in subtropical areas. The hardiest species, A. ochsenii and A. vitifolium from Chile, are hardy in warm temperate areas with moderate frost down to about −10 °C (14.0 °F)

    does the frost temp equal what u get?

  7. Hi KBF, thank you for the research! We rarely get frosts colder than that here in the south. I will have a look and see whether I can buy them here.


  8. Yes!

    I will have a browse!!

  9. Wow - a gorgeous picture, Juniper.

    P.S. I just snuck a look at your x-ray and car photos. How on earth did you survive that?? You must be one strong lady! x

  10. Wonderful, tranquil shot! You can almost feel the cool, crisp air.

  11. Incredible shot. I can feel the chill from here. When the light gets low and things trend toward the blue end of the optical spectrum, you can almost feel the need to pull your sweater in a little more closely.

    Great choice for this theme! (I knew it would be a little challenging, but you've proven yourself, time and again, to be more than up to it!)


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