Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I'm in love!

Talking of houses and homes, how annoying is it when you are browsing through a magazine and you see a property that you totally fall in love with... never mind that it's waaay over budget, or that you aren't actually thinking of moving.

I saw this one while I was visiting the parents yesterday, and I was struck:

It has 9 acres, a fishing river, outbuildings.... oh and the house looks lovely too.  And guess what, it's in one of the villages where Mr H. was looking to rent for his job, so it's convenient for that too.

Now, I just need that wee bit of cash over what our house is worth.... until then I have filed it under 'Dreams' ;-)


  1. I see a lot of landscaping potential there.. I love the architecture in Europe a lot more than the u.s. There is more depth and detail.

  2. I prefer it au naturel myself... Get myself a horse and Mr H. can go fly-fishing. Perfect ;-)

  3. Hi Juniper! What a fantastic looking little house. Coming to England in Australia I can definately empathise with your plight - I've seen so many beautiful houses whilst living here and I'm not even in the housing market!

  4. Wow, so much space! That would be lovely. I can't imagine having a house with "outbuildings". I've never even lived in a fully detatched home since I moved out of my parents' house. I live in "inbuildings".

  5. I havent found any homes that I have fallen in love yet. Still deciding on whether I want to stay in California or want to move to a different state or even country. I dunno.


  6. Wow, that is truly beautiful. I can imagine living there.

  7. Akseli: welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by!

    Sparkling Red: nor me. Although our current place is small and semi-detached, we have a big garage and a workshop and good garden. I dream of proper 'outbuildings' though ;-)

    Ditz: you've got plenty of time to decide yet!

    Girl Next Door: well there you go, you're looking for a new house, right...? LOL


  8. Wow is right.
    9 acres with a fishing stream--wooooohooooo!!!! Fly fishing, no less.
    And a horse!

    Personally--I'm excited about the outbuildings. Barn or shed?
    Ohhhhh.....lots of potential for FUN!

  9. It is a beautiful house, and I fall in love with so many places, until I see the next one...But, we've lived in our house since 1989....so we're committed to sharing it with the moles I guess...but it doesn't hurt to shop around and dream....dream....

  10. You have good taste, My Lady.

  11. Isn't it lovely. A real solid, face the world sort of house. Get yourself a lottery ticket with the Minstrels.

  12. ooooooooooooooooooh my word
    how lovely is that?!

  13. ..and on another note, I like this choice of texture in your background. Blue is my favorite color and I thought your water was calming for me...I love the feel of water....that's why I hate it when our lakes freeze for the winter and all you see is frozen snow and big trucks making their way to fish houses.


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