Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bio-Oil - wonder stuff?

When I first came home from hospital my mother bought me some Bio-Oil, which I'd never heard of but is supposed to be good for scars, stretch marks, aging skin (don't all rush at once!), and other stuff like it says on the box.

I started using it, although usually forgot to put it on the scars the requisite twice a day; I didn't know whether it made any difference or not, but it felt nice to put on (smooth and comforting) and smelled nice.   My scars healed nicely and have faded substantially but I had no idea whether they would have done anyway, or whether the Bio-Oil had helped.

Until I saw a friend last week who had had the same operation as me, but 6 years ago.  He showed me his scar (well, only a bit of it, we're not that good friends), and it looked more recent than mine.. red and much more angry.  Maybe I have laid-back, chilled out scars, but still it was noticeably different.  I didn't realise how much until later that day when I was getting undressed and looked at mine, faded almost to a pretty baby pink (aaaahhh).

So, if anyone recommends Bio-Oil to you, use it!   It's not very pricey and the bottle looks as though it will last for about 20 years, although admittedly I'm only using it on small areas and not slathering it over my entire body.... YET.


  1. I've heard about the wonders of Bio-Oil and maybe I should start using it. I have lots of ugly looking scars between my chest to my knees from MRSA scars and I'm scared to wear a bathing suit in public for those scars (and my rolls...)

  2. oh Juniper it's good to hear it worked so well for you! I have some and keep meaning to use it on my hands and face to try to reverse some of those signs of getting older...
    maybe I'll make more of an effort, on your recommendation!

  3. I used it on my hysterectomy scar, mainly to stop it itching as it healed. I always meant to keep using it to help the scar fade, but once the itching had stopped I never remembered to put it on. I still have half a bottle in my bathroom.

  4. Bio-Oil sounds like a good thing to have on hand...!

  5. Hmm...I don't think we carry it over here--but I'm not prone to shopping in the beauty department. they make bathsize containers? :-/

  6. Mel, pretty sure it's international, judging by their website. I'm not sure what department it would be in - beauty, pregnancy or skincare!

    I have been using mine for 3 months and it still looks full ;-)

  7. I heard that bio-oil is an effective beauty product to make your skin smooth and soft and I want to try it for myself. We should consider that the products we care using is safe and effective like the weleda.


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