Sunday, 3 October 2010

Early outing for Rudolph

I was saying to Mr H. a while ago that I wondered where all the people in wheelchairs and on crutches are, there must be loads of them but one never sees them... Well I've discovered where the wheelchair users go - to the garden centres!   We saw half a dozen of them in there; well I'm glad to have solved that mystery ;-)

We went yesterday (with the wheelchair!) to get replacement bulbs for our verandah lights, as mentioned they only sell them with the Christmas lights.  While we where there we had a look around the festive decorations and other things, even though we are always moaning about how soon they come into the shops!   But as it was a half hour drive, and we were having a bit of an outing we thought we'd make the most of it, so had a good nose around as this shop has a huge selection of stuff, for every taste.  

It's incredible what people will spend on Christmas. The only things we like are the 'traditional' style of decoration, the glitzy gold and silver just leaves us cold. We even bought a couple of christmas tree decorations that amused us; who could resist this little reindeer?!   

We also bought all 8 of the light bulbs they had on display - it's only a matter of time before they discontinue them, as with normal household lightbulbs. We all have to buy energy-saving ones now, you know the sort where you switch them on but still can't see anything because they take half an hour to warm up!


  1. When our children were very young, my wife and I were traditional decorators, and spent more than we earned in the hectic process a week before Christmas. For the last few years, we (she) decided to run in the opposite direction. We hang virtually any objects with related themes from the tree limbs. It gives the ceremonial month a unique flare. We also get an entire year to acquire the dangling decorations, and it costs about 90% less.

  2. I've never understood why people buy new glitzy decorations every year - it's not as though they 'go off' in the intervening 12 months? Most of our decorations are years old and still going strong.

    Buying things you like during the year is a great idea, and certainly means that you get a unique-looking tree, as well as not getting ripped off at the checkout!

  3. Awwwww....I'm liking the little reindeer! He's got character!

    Himself is in charge of decorating for the season, but somehow I end up in charge of decorating the tall Hanukkah bush. LOL

    Anything goes! Thinkin' this year it'll be toys. :-)

    I have a lot of those. LOLOL

  4. I stopped buying decorations/ornaments awhile ago... I was in my xmas/nature look... Pottery barn had some cool forest animals. so I was on that theme... Now that my kids are adults, the need is less... Not bah hum bug...After we had the earthquake in 94, we all have minimalized... I have loads of Hallmark ornaments, etc. packed away... they can fight over them after I am gone...

  5. Rudolph is adorable and I'd take him home too! Imagine seeing a mechanical wheelchair, (seats with baskets in front) while at the Renaissance Fair (outside grounds not so nice terrain) this year we spotted a double mechanical chair where husband and wife were riding about the fair like having a sidecar almost!...and they had a puppy sitting in basket! They're out there! That shop looks truly fun! Ty- Karen

  6. My mum always over dressed the crimbo tree, poor thing was bending under the shear weight of tinsel. I usually make my own decorations, I'm looking forward to when I can make them with my little boy.


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