Sunday, 3 October 2010

What's yours called?

I was just reading a post by Molly over at Just Pleasantly Floundering Around about party questions (good idea by the way!) and it suddenly came to me what my autobiography would be called:

I don't mean that in the sense of "Why are you still here, won't you go away?" but more to reflect that fact that I've been in the same marriage for 21 years, the same house for 20 years, worked in the same office for 25 years and have lived in the New Forest for 44 years.

I thought Geminis were suppose to like change, but in the major aspects of life it seems I don't.... ;-)

What would your autobiography be called?  and why?  even better, why not make that into a blog post!


  1. "Are you serious?!"

    Leastwise that's the first thing that comes to mind.
    The problem is I'll 'think' and come up with multiple others. ;-)

  2. My (one and only long-time) wife happened to be passing by the computer as I was reading your post. She suggested Confessions of a Crazy Man. I, however, prefer 100 Lifetimes.

    By the way, we have moved 29 times!

  3. 29? good lord. I've moved twice and hated it, and we live in a house we love so we're sticking here ;-)

  4. I think my childhood to early twenties would actually be more fitting to a soap opera than a autobiography. What with deaths in the family, nutty aunts, mum hooking up with my uncle (his wife was my dads sister)and a almost nervous break down. I think it would be called I think I'm still sane.

  5. I think my autobiography would be something about leaping around emotionally or whatever. I have had lots of things happened that made me grew up fast and what not. I don't know I have to think of that some more.


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