Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday, and I've seen other WW's and I have a few photos to share with you, so here goes...

A busy spider on one of the many cobwebs around the veranda

Mid-October!?  and the first time I managed to hang washing out on the line!

Self-portrait, relaxing in the sun

I knew Django was bored when he attacked the roll of recycling sacks that had been sitting by the front door for a week.

So I gave him a beef pie box to shred instead.

Little Mr Innocent...

A Coal Tit (I think) on one of the feeders outside my 'office' window.

Doves managing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h into the ground feeder for some seed.

An orchid given to me by work, lit up in the morning sun against our old Crittall windows.



  1. I'm usually good IDing spiders, but I don't recognize this beauty. Maybe it's the light throwing the color off, or some strange UK arachnid I have not seen before.

  2. It was dark so I had to use the flash (and I hate using flash!), so that will have messed it up. I have no idea what sort it is I'm afraid, I'm not 'big' on spiders!


  3. love that last photo of your orchid.. has a vintage look to it..
    a coal tit? man, that made me take a double

  4. The spider is a orb web spider often known as the garden spider here in the UK. They have beautiful markings on their backs.

    I like the picture of your pooch letting of some steam.

  5. One of my only memories of living in the New Forest area as a child was the crab spiders in the garden..oh having chicken pots.

  6. Well done, you!

    The last two photos leave me speechless!

  7. Little Mr. Innocent is such a cutie, he makes you just want to give him a hug! Love your pictures! I am a huge fan of the Doves, they are called Mourning doves I think over here. Sadly Minnesota passed a law that it's legal to hunt those doves and they have such a beautiful song. I see the blue stretchy thing is off! Yay, hope all is healed there! I won't comment on Mr. Been chowing alot of food SPIDER! except to say I like them around to catch the other bugs! Great shot of him too! Keep smiling!

  8. You are absolutely gorgeous Juni! Oh and the pictures are pretty too!

  9. KBF: that's probably our vintage windows which are aluminium Crittall windows, heaven knows how old. Single glazed but the house wouldn't be the same with modern windows (plus we can't afford them).

    CJ: Thanks for the identification!

    Karen: The doves are so sweet, they sit together on the fence like a little old couple. Django's cut all healed now and we're just back from having the stitches out at the vet's so all sorted :-)

    Ditz: Thank you!


  10. That meat pie box looks fun. And Django is a brilliant name for a handsome boy.

  11. Hey beautiful, you won an award!


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