Monday, 1 November 2010

Best laid plans

I woke up this morning to a full on head-cold; body running hot and cold and generally feeling lousy (could this be a low dose of those 'flu-like symptoms'...?).  So needless to say I have cancelled my trip to the office!

I'm really wishing I'd bought some of those frozen pain-au-chocolats I saw someone with at the supermarket till last week - perfect comfort food. 

They are on my next shopping list.


  1. That's pants. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Bummer. Back to bed for you. Had you got your outfit sorted. Can't go to work in your jammies ;-)

    I'd send you a pain au chocolat but it's a holiday and the post office (and everything else) is shut..........

  3. Awww Juniper I so sorry it didn't go as planned, take it easy there is always next time.

  4. Rosie: but they are really pretty silk jammies with big red flowers on! haha I am generally living in jeans again, although I only have 2 pairs that fit me...

    Today *is* a jammies day though, in bed with 2 laptops ;-)


  5. Feel better Juni!

    I hope I can entertain you with a blog sometime today.

  6. Oh that just bites. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Read yesterday's comments. Shows you how much I know.


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