Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fear of Flying

I'm not a good flyer; I prefer to travel at ground or sea level, but sometimes needs must.

At least, the bit in the air is ok, I don't like taking off and landing. Especially when it is bad weather or windy... and it is windy today, of course!!

I know all the statistics and how flying is 29 times safer than driving, and I'm flying with a reputable company and not "Congo Budget Flights", but that doesn't stop me gripping the arm rest and breathing a sigh of relief as the plane comes to rest at its destination.   My best friend is the opposite to me, she loves flying because it means she is going on holiday or somewhere nice; she is all excited when she lands whereas I am thinking "OK, I survived another one".    Sometimes logic and emotion end up having a big battle in my brain.

A reminder just popped up on my computer saying "HOLIDAY"... I will try thinking about that instead!


  1. I have never been on a plane during memory years, once or twice when I was very little don't remember. Never had the desire to go anywhere to need plane travel.

    Have fun on your up coming trip :)

  2. We fly quite often. Well we went to the States 7 times this year, so I'm used to it now. I just think to myself that quite honestly I'd rather die in a plane crash than go through a long illness that eventually kills me.

    Morbid but true!

    Happy flying!

  3. Joey, there is that - but then I'd want Mr H sitting next to me at the time!

  4. I'm wishing you safe travels! And on the bright side.....there is no chance of you being stranded and forced to eat icky Spam (made in Austin, Minnesota) and Pop tarts like the guests on the Carnival Boat lines! Your photo makes me smile! But as an intelligent woman of course you will be worried, and will be until you are safely on the ground! into the arms of 2 special loved ones!

  5. I've been on the plane and I don't mind it really, except when you're sick/allergies and the pressure hurts your ears and you can't hear. That and getting sick.

    I get really motion sick, that and the smell, and the cramped spaces...Actually now that I'm thinking about it I don't really like flying.

  6. God, how I hate bus fumes in the big cities!

  7. Holiday.

    H O L I D A Y ! ! !

    Mr. H!!!!!

    Holiday WITH Mr. H!

    Holiday, Holiday, HOLIDAY!!

    Wooooooohoooooo!!!! :-)

    (just trying to keep the focus in line!!)

    Holidayholidayholiday!! :-D

  8. I haven't been on an airplane in over 10 years, but I have never been a huge fan of flying. It's a claustrophobic experience for me, being stuck in an airplane. I can do it, but I'd rather not. It probably doesn't help that I love watching Mayday, a reality show all about the forensic analysis of plane crashes. My grandfather, a long-time professional pilot many years ago, would not be happy with me.

  9. You must be there by now and loving it. 'So it's all been worthwhile'

    Have a wonderful time.

    At least you don't get speeding fines in a plane :-)


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