Monday, 22 November 2010

Islands, roads and work

Today we went down to Girvan which is a little way down the coast.   It is a grey looking town with a seafront and beach very like Ayr, except that unlike Ayr it didn't look as though it would ever be particularly buzzing with people.  I found the town fairly uninspiring but has the attraction of having Ailsa Craig just off the coast; the island is uninhabited and a bird sanctuary, and one of its claims to fame is that Ailsa Craig granite is used to make curling stones.   It is impossible not to stare at the island when you see it, it has a magnetic attraction to the eye.

I don't know whether it was the culmination of having spent more time in a car in the last 4 days than I have in the last 5 months, combined with being driven on winding, unfamiliar roads and Mr H's habit of driving closer to the white line than I do (and he's always hated the fact that I drive too close to the verge!), but for the first time since I've been here I was feeling really nervous and a bit scared on the roads. I felt as though I had suffered a relapse in my recovery to 'normality' since the crash and felt quite upset about that.

I've never been a very good passenger, especially if I think the driver isn't concentrating or anticipating, I've always preferred to be the one behind the wheel.   Mr H asked today whether I thought I'd become a better or worse passenger after the crash; whether being forced to be a passenger would make it easier for me.  I don't really know the answer yet.

Today was the last day of my 'holiday', Mr H and I both go back to work tomorrow though I will be doing mine from his flat for the rest of this week, so it's kind of halfway house. It will feel a bit weird and I am very conscious of not getting in the way of his routine, especially in the morning; not that it will be much of a problem as he leaves the house at 7.30am so I'll still be snuggled up in bed!


  1. If you know how to drive you alway make a poor passenger, Though given your circumstances you can be forgiven for your nerves.
    You'd be fearful if you were in a car with my mother in law her driving is proper scary.

  2. That island looks like a giant turtle you could just imagine it swimming off.

  3. Well, Juniper. I think under your circumstances, it is more than reasonable to be a little nervous on the road. You will be back in the groove again before you know it.

  4. I would be so ready to search that island....sounds like all in all your trip is just what a doctor would order!..also I too am powerless without my wheels (car) I love driving and always do most of it when possible...! Does that mean I like being in control? Of behind the wheel for sure!

  5. Me too - I hate being driven by anyone else. Really nice to hear about your travels.

  6. He probably drives a bit faster than you would on those roads because he's much much more used to them. That's scarey at the best of times.

    I guess you are always going to get moments when you relapse :-( Does Mr H ever get any 'moments'?

    I love that you are training the office that you can work just as well from the flat as home. Way to go!

  7. 7:30 is the middle of the afternoon, silly girl!

    I don't know how people sleep that late!
    And I like the turtle in the sea--it's a cute little thing.

    Himself drives to close to the white line for me.....and of course I'd rather be in charge of where the car is going. I am the better driver, afterall. :-/

  8. Mel, if you wish to get up in the middle of the night, don't let me stop you ;-)


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