Friday, 12 November 2010

IF: Burning

"Keep a candle burning in the window..."

watercolour pencil


  1. Great artwork! Especially cool is how the roof appears so much like waves in a body of water with a grassy shoreline coming to meet it..hmmm guess your thoughts is here and over there too! Oh and I love window views, even those that you're on the inside looking out...and your candle flame is perfect! It all glows!

  2. Thank you Karen! Isn't it interesting how different people can see something completely different in a picture, like your waves and grassy shoreline.

    Must be something subconscious :-)

  3. Gosh quick of the mark this week. A sweet illustration and a lovely thought.

    The image made me look up some of the significance for a candle in the window. One being thoughts for family members far from home a sort of keep the hearth burning sort of thing but also the part it played in the underground railroad of escaped slave as it signaled a safe house.

  4. Chibi, it was a welcome break from computers and studying ;-)

    I was aiming at the former (what with the man being away and all); I didn't know about your second significance, that's interesting.

  5. an evocative painting - I can definitely see the shore-line idea and it does contrast wonderfully with the straighter lines of the fasade. I also like the look of the bush hiding in the dark...;)

  6. @Juniper: I see the house as stacks of shortbread I right? or have I been out in the sun? I do see the waves of water.

  7. Oh I'm back again, doing my illustration friday rounds and randomly clicked yours, I have a personal rule that I must leave a comment on whoever site it is, well unless its a overly political piece I avoid getting into a fray with them LOL.

    Be well Juniper and enjoy your weekend.

  8. Juniper: I love the work. The first thing that hit me was the thought of a significant other waiting for a beloved soldier to return from war.

  9. Now the shoreline has been mentioned I can see it too, and strangely it looks exactly like the Western Solent where I live! That little dent in the green is our river ;-) Definitely subconscious..

    KBF: hahaha! I can see where your mind was when you looked at it.. hmm shortbread never crossed my mind!

    Chibi: thanks. I browze through them too, there are some great artists out there. Have to say that some of them I just don't get at all (or the link to the subject is very tenuous, although this week is an easy one); if they really strike me I leave a comment.

    JJ: Yes, appropriate for just after 11/11 too. Sometimes when I've been feeling down with Mr H away I try and imagine how it felt / feels for women left while they men go to war, and not knowing whether they will be coming home; my experience fades into normality against that.

  10. Hey Juniper! So many great aspects to this work. Nice one! I can look at it at a couple different angles...that’s so cool!


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