Friday, 5 November 2010

Gardener's Question Time!

I was given this plant for my birthday in June, I have no idea what it is but I'm sure one of you does?    Oh, the ladybird isn't part of the plant by the way ;-)

I have had it in the kitchen windowsill, but when the heating came on it was looking a little dry and wilting so at the weekend I moved it into the hall where it is away from the radiator, and gave it some water. Since then it is looking much healthier, but has been producing drops of water on the leaves almost as thought it is perspiring!

Any idea what that's all about?  did I over-water and it is overflowing!?


  1. Purely natural.. U aren't doing anything wrong.. same as us perspiring or if we have drunk too much water... no worries... btw that plant loves indirect sunlight- its a tropical plant.. I have that plant and I keep it outside and water it once a week.. Its use to some humidity since its a tropical one...

  2. I have done and seen many things to my own plants, but never that... WOW....! Cool really! it's a good thing some of us know what's happening to our plants! Kalei seems very wise in this department...and by her photos wow she has the cream of the crops!

  3. Juniper: I think they call it an Anthurium. Here in Florida, we have a plant called the Anthurium Alabama, and it look just like it.

  4. That's unusual! I keep a few houseplants, but none of mine perspire. Can you imagine if plants had stinky armpits like humans? :-p

  5. Oh man, I have to tell you that I always wish I had a green thumb, but one look at my yard would tell you that I need more help than anyone.

  6. KBF: thanks. It's not very tropical here at the moment!

    JJ: thanks, yes that's the one! although the ones on Google images are better looking than mine ;-)

    Sparkling Red: eugh, plants with BO...? although we do have a Dracunculus (sp?) which smells disgusting.

    Jeff: I'm generally ok with outdoor plants but never have much luck with house plants. Maybe this one will survive!

  7. I'd all it a live plant.

    <-- kills plants on a regular basis so refrains from feigning to be of any help.



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