Thursday, 18 November 2010

Unfounded fears (of course)

So I'm here!!! currently sitting in a very quiet flat (compared with home) while Mr H has taken Django round the block, then he's going to come back and make us a cooked breakfast ;-)  this is the life, eh?

The flight was fine, and in fact despite the strong winds that was the smoothest landing I've had for a long time - thank you Chris the pilot!  The Airport staff were lovely and wheeled me through security and commented about the fact you don't get a cast on a broken leg; then I was wheeled to the plane before everyone else and my crutches and luggage stowed for me.  I could get used to this!   With the tailwind we landed 20 minutes early so after I'd been wheeled round the back way to the exit by a very chatty Scots lad, I had to wait a little while for Mr H; I used the time to walk down to the pickup/drop off point so he didn't have to pay for parking.   Walking with luggage in a rucksack is OK, but I go half the speed..

Then there he was and time for big hugs, and a 45 minute drive back to the flat where Django met me on the stairs with a huge grin on his face - I wish I could have photographed it.

Whooooeeee, I'm on holiday!!

Somewhere in the Trossachs, Scotland - ie. nowhere near where I am now as I've not had a chance to take pictures yet!


  1. enjoy your holiday... Scotland is on my list to visit. i want to see where my husband ancestors roamed ,and i'm a sucker for the ascent.

  2. Have a wonderful time sweetie ... and ooh yeah, that accent *sighs*

  3. Enjoy your holiday and the time with your boys.

  4. Glad to read you made it safely and enjoy a yummy breakfast and hugs and kisses from Django too! Enjoy your holiday...but of course send photos!

  5. I'm glad you made it there safely! Have fun on your holiday!

  6. Now see--having those nice chatty folks wheeling ya around didn't hurt one bit!

    Welcome to your holiday!!!! :-)
    Go enjoy it!

  7. The Flybe assistance scheme is brilliant isn't it. Always seem to be kind people. I'm sure you're having a brilliant time. Love to Al xx


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