Monday, 15 November 2010

Legs in Thailand

Here from the random photo pile is one to make you want my job even more.   If I didn't have a broken leg, at the end of November I would have been flying off to Phuket, Thailand for 10 days for their big regatta, the Phuket King's Cup.  It is held every year during the first week of December to coincide with the King of Thailand's birthday and is one of the two events to which I go regularly. No, contrary to popular belief, I don't spend the year jet-setting around to sailing events, if I did that no real work would get done!

My job out there is helping with pre-regatta measurement and issuing certificates, and general regatta support during the week.  I do get some time off during the day once they start racing, and try to get out on the water a few times, either sailing on one of the boats or out with someone from the organisation.  The man who owns this boat always invites me out; I'm the one in the middle with bare feet (not normally recommended, but I discovered my shoes marked the deck - a definite no-no!).

So, Scottish chill instead of Thailand heat this year; but you know what - I'm quite happy with that, I will have my two boys to keep me warm! :-)


  1. Oh how this made me smile.

    The girl was involved in Global Challenge a few years back and loved every second of it.....well, almost every second--there was that little ordeal when they crossed the equator.....

    Yup--gotta love those little boats!
    (k....not so little but you know what I mean....)

  2. Oh, fun! I'm a teeny bit glad that you didn't get to go. I don't want our friendship tainted by jealousy. ;)

  3. I would love to go even one time.

  4. Oh my goodness, kind of a toss up, but really you'll more fun with the boys, and this chance or others like it will come again right? Once you're all healed. At first I thought you were sending in another TP photo, as this looks like a good one for that! Did you take this photo? Really nice shot!


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