Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Feathered friends

After breakfast I spend 5 minutes just watching the birds in the back garden, there seems to be a lot of them at the moment, constant flitting to and fro: Blackbirds throwing leaves around and grubbing around in the vegetable patch. Tits finding bugs on the trees and hedge, and popping in for some suet off the feeder. It's a hive of activity out there.

Yesterday I watched a Blackbird carefully remove some leaves from the bird bath (well, throw them out actually) before he could have his morning ablution.

The Greenfinches seem to come along for their breakfast a little later, they are definitely lazier and I can imagine them having a lie-in.


  1. *laughing* Kindly of him to clear out the birdbath for you. I bet he was fun to watch!

    And what great fun to watch. Seriously, I love watching the birdies. LOL

  2. I love to see birds in the backyard. The baby blue jays are hilarious when they get mad at the spiders in the grass.

    They'll yell into the grass and rip out pieces of grass.

  3. I love to watch the birds too. I have a fountain that I'm afraid to put up, because I know it'll attract the birds and our cats will grab them.


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